Less is more – why SMT assembly line should be more precise than we think?

While looking for an EMS provider would you prefer the one that offers wider component range that you actually need?

The answer is that you definitely should pick a manufacturer that is capable of placing smaller components, says Szczepan Reiss from JSD, provider of advanced assembly machines by Siplace.
Let’s take a closer look and try to explain it on simple case. Imagine that you need to place 0102s and we can offer a capability of 01005s or smaller components placement. What it means to you is that the gear is capable of placing your 0102s on plug-and-play basis without sacrificing quality, efficiency and allows to avoid high reject rate, because the vison system meets almost no limitation. Simple as that, isn’t it?

By the the end of 2015 Novil management decided to modernize and expand its machinery. As the result of which new Siplace SX1 machines were purchased. The investment was a part of a wider plan for our company’s development in the nearest future.

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