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TEC Warsaw 2017 – review by Novil

One of the most important events in Polish electronics industry has already ended. TEC Warsaw 2017 not only was the place for new business contacts but also interesting meetings with industry experts.

Novil booth on industry fair

As EMS provider, we were very interested in the launch of the TEC Start Up area in 2017. We are excited about the potential opportunities that come with relationships with newly acquired contractors. We are also glad about constructive meetings with our existing partners.

EMS handout

Our presence at the conference, apart from emphasizing our position on the EMS market, was also an opportunity to remind of the company’s recently celebrated 25th anniversary. On this occasion, the Novil booth was equipped with additional visual elements and new advertising materials, including the latest catalog, presenting our offer and production potential.

Novil booth on industry fair

See you next time!

Novil Team



Are you planning to attend TEC 2017?

The most important event of the Polish electronics industry The Evertiq Conference, will take place in Warsaw on 25th May. TEC 2017 lineup includes keynotes of professionals and offer presentations of leading manufacturers and suppliers of electronic industry in the region. Novil team will also be present there. Feel invited to visit our booth No.150.

We know how difficult it might be to visit all interesting stands during a large trade fair. Even if you finally manage to get to chosen booth you might still not be able to talk to right people, because all company representatives would be busy talking to someone at the moment. Often the visit ends with a quick handshake, exchange of business cards and the conversation is then translated into a later date. Before the postponed meeting finally happens in the future you will probably still have to make some phone calls to set up a convenient date for both parties, etc.

And yet, it is precisely the fair that is supposed to be a favorable circumstance for establishing and deepening business relationships.

To make it easier for anyone interested in meeting with us during TEC 2017, we encourage you to contact us beforehand and make an appointment with Novil representative within a reasonable time of the event.

You can do this by using contact forms, located on our website or by phone.

All necessary contact information can be found here.

To help you find our stand no. 150, please click a link to the layout of the tables.

We cannot wait to seeing you on TEC 2017, May 25th.

Tomasz Zamajski


Less is more – why SMT assembly line should be more precise than we think?

While looking for an EMS provider would you prefer the one that offers wider component range that you actually need?

The answer is that you definitely should pick a manufacturer that is capable of placing smaller components, says Szczepan Reiss from JSD, provider of advanced assembly machines by Siplace.
Let’s take a closer look and try to explain it on simple case. Imagine that you need to place 0102s and we can offer a capability of 01005s or smaller components placement. What it means to you is that the gear is capable of placing your 0102s on plug-and-play basis without sacrificing quality, efficiency and allows to avoid high reject rate, because the vison system meets almost no limitation. Simple as that, isn’t it?

By the the end of 2015 Novil management decided to modernize and expand its machinery. As the result of which new Siplace SX1 machines were purchased. The investment was a part of a wider plan for our company’s development in the nearest future.

Click here to learn more.

EMS product by Novil
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Challenges of EMS – taking the advantage of an experienced European partner in electronic business.

Tight schedule and strict budget is a common challenge for B2B enterprises nowadays. Electronic industry is no exception, but always a first one on the firing line. Issues with fitting production scale to the needs, constant struggle with quality adjustment, increasing need to seek alternatives to Far East producers are only a few challenges for managers and entrepreneurs in this business.

When looking for the solution you require EMS provider that can meet complex demands. You would like to hire a partner capable of fast production process that could provide you with immediate implementation of your product. High-quality production technology is absolute necessity to be able to meet the demands of a market. Reliable and tested European factory can be an advantage especially when you’re concerned about intellectual property security and your budget. Relatively low costs of production and no additional payments for logistics significantly affect the final price of EMS.

All mentioned above can be achieved only by a team of qualified professionals and engineers with years of experience in EMS, basing on modern & frequently updated machinery. When combined with simple procedures & quick decisions one can provide with comprehensive services.
Since 1991 Novil, the company based in northern Poland, cooperates with huge variety of enterprises from allover Europe, starting with: industrial & consumer electronics, automotive industry & public transport, factory electronics & medical equipment, industrial lighting & LED road lighting. Novil as a private equity can guarantee continuity of cooperation and reliable partnership.

Tomasz Zamajski

Novil website on desktop

E-commerce best practices become EMS next practices in Poland.

With the rapid development of the Eastern European EMS market, steadily rising quality of electronic assembly, while offering the highest possible quality at the most reasonable price increasingly ceases to be sufficient argument to convince demanding customers. So there is a growing need for skillful nurturing customer relationships and acquiring leads basing on modern communication channels, by using integrated methods of conversion including both mobile and traditional Internet.

Novil website on mobile device


As a manufacturer with long experience in EMS Novil decided to meet these challenges, implementing solutions successfully used in e-commerce, using, among others, the potential of the network and the modern techniques of communication with customers.

Novil website on desktop - office view

“Brand new responsive and user friendly website is not the only improvement developed lately by Novil. We have also launched new customer service standard that lets our specialists react immediately on requests of our clients and prospects.” – says Adam Marciniszyn Sales Manager Novil Sp. z o.o.

New communication solutions and expanding machinery (including SMD and AOI enhancement) are the part of a broader development planned by Novil in the coming years. Referring to Evertiq.com press release Artur Micinski CEO Novil Sp. zo.o. is very optimistic about the future of European EMS industry and sees in it the big opportunities for the company.

Tomasz Zamajski


25th Anniversary Novil

It’s been a quarter century since we launched a small line of manual assembly and soldering in a family house in the Kashubian region. Today, in our factory in Miszewko we employ over 140 people, mostly skilled workers with years of experience.

25th Anniversary Novil - banquet

The core team of specialists work in Novil for many years. The company owes them its current position and development. Nowadays, thanks to their daily work, we realize  EMS services for our customers from all over Europe.

25th Anniversary Novil - dancefloor

Recently organized a jubilee event on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Novil is an expression of my gratitude for all current and former employees and great recognition for their commitment and effort. Without you all this would not have succeeded. Thank you!

Artur Micinski

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