Challenges of EMS – taking the advantage of an experienced European partner in electronic business.

EMS product by Novil

Tight schedule and strict budget is a common challenge for B2B enterprises nowadays. Electronic industry is no exception, but always a first one on the firing line. Issues with fitting production scale to the needs, constant struggle with quality adjustment, increasing need to seek alternatives to Far East producers are only a few challenges for managers and entrepreneurs in this business.

When looking for the solution you require EMS provider that can meet complex demands. You would like to hire a partner capable of fast production process that could provide you with immediate implementation of your product. High-quality production technology is absolute necessity to be able to meet the demands of a market. Reliable and tested European factory can be an advantage especially when you’re concerned about intellectual property security and your budget. Relatively low costs of production and no additional payments for logistics significantly affect the final price of EMS.

All mentioned above can be achieved only by a team of qualified professionals and engineers with years of experience in EMS, basing on modern & frequently updated machinery. When combined with simple procedures & quick decisions one can provide with comprehensive services.
Since 1991 Novil, the company based in northern Poland, cooperates with huge variety of enterprises from allover Europe, starting with: industrial & consumer electronics, automotive industry & public transport, factory electronics & medical equipment, industrial lighting & LED road lighting. Novil as a private equity can guarantee continuity of cooperation and reliable partnership.

Tomasz Zamajski

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