E-commerce best practices become EMS next practices in Poland.

Novil website on desktop

With the rapid development of the Eastern European EMS market, steadily rising quality of electronic assembly, while offering the highest possible quality at the most reasonable price increasingly ceases to be sufficient argument to convince demanding customers. So there is a growing need for skillful nurturing customer relationships and acquiring leads basing on modern communication channels, by using integrated methods of conversion including both mobile and traditional Internet.

Novil website on mobile device


As a manufacturer with long experience in EMS Novil decided to meet these challenges, implementing solutions successfully used in e-commerce, using, among others, the potential of the network and the modern techniques of communication with customers.

Novil website on desktop - office view

“Brand new responsive and user friendly website is not the only improvement developed lately by Novil. We have also launched new customer service standard that lets our specialists react immediately on requests of our clients and prospects.” – says Adam Marciniszyn Sales Manager Novil Sp. z o.o.

New communication solutions and expanding machinery (including SMD and AOI enhancement) are the part of a broader development planned by Novil in the coming years. Referring to Evertiq.com press release Artur Micinski CEO Novil Sp. zo.o. is very optimistic about the future of European EMS industry and sees in it the big opportunities for the company.

Tomasz Zamajski

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